eclectic in milan.

This 1920s Milanese apartment is an eclectic mix of late Art Nouveau with nineteenth-century embellishment; and colourful, contemporary furniture mixed with neo-Gothic inspired, monochromatic artwork.

Beautiful, highly polished Palladian marble floors with touches of blue inform much of the interior’s colour palette, with palest blue walls and a curvaceous, powder blue velvet sofa. Furniture is sophisticated, elegant: blown glass and brass Bell Tables, an iron, wood and brass screen, Gio Ponti‘s Superleggera chair, a delicate, oval dining table of marble, wood and metal. The ornately carved, wood-lined bay window adds another level of sophistication and a connection with the outside.

It is an interior that is infused with personality. I find the vivid, cerulean blue master bedroom, with its Vertigo pendant light quite beguiling. What about you?

More Casa Russo, here (via) Photography by Filippo Bamberghi

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4 thoughts on “eclectic in milan.

  1. poppytump

    VERY much liking the look and sound of …’curvaceous powder blue velvet sofa ‘
    and then led to wondering if I’ve missed something profound in the picture above it …
    *puzzled 🙂

    1. owls house london. Post author

      now that is curious, doris; I believe the interiors I respond to most (and therefore show) are eclectic, or at least not one style.
      so i’m interested to know what style you think is most prevalent.. I love the personality and boldness of this one, what about you?


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