a chelsea townhouse.

The renovation of this brick townhouse in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood was designed to connect the garden level spaces with the exterior and to create open living spaces throughout. With this intention it succeeds – a large glass sliding wall system connects the living room and garden, framing the view; casement windows at the upper levels have been fully glazed to allow the master bedroom and bathroom uninhibited views to outside. A spiral stair within winds organically between the two levels, the continuation of the wood floor assists the flow upwards between the spaces.

The palette is a simple one – grey oil-stained European White Oak, white walls and large slabs of white marble. Lighting in linear slots between horizontal and vertical planes provides an ambient, warm glow. The white and grey-veined Calacatta marble of the kitchen worktop forms a strong sculptural element, with everyday utensils and appliances hidden away behind doors. The marble slabs also create a seamless bathroom, where the surfaces are seemingly carved out of stone. (Similar to Carrara marble, Calacatta marble also comes from the Carrara region of Italy, but has a bolder, more dramatic vein, which can vary from grey to brown. It is also a whiter white, which makes it more valuable).

Built-in storage and shelving and beautiful mid-century furniture pieces furnish the spaces simply.

temp_kitch_1images2 ny townhouse by ohl


ext ny townhouse by ohl

Templer Townhouse by Workshop for Architecture LLP, here.

More wonderful spaces, here.

5 thoughts on “a chelsea townhouse.

  1. Lauren

    There are so many reasons I love this space. I absolutely love the color palate. The simplicity of the white marble in the kitchen paired up with the seamless cabinets make a very dramatic statement, even through all the simple lines.. This home is stunning! Oh and that outdoor space is killer! I love the gates that close off the sliding door! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!

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