sculpture house.

A double-height, fully glazed wall at the garden side of the house, extends the sense of the outdoors through to the interior. The interior of the building features three sculptural elements – a block of stone forming the central kitchen unit, a perfectly formed, curved stair, and a stone shelf and fireplace wall.

Interior finishes are kept simple – painted white or fabricated in super-hard white Corian, a man-made, solid-surface material composed of marble dust, bauxite, polyester resins and pigments. All floor surfaces, including the stairs are wood, stained almost black.


The furniture pieces are sculptural, classic, fabulous: Egg chair, Cherner chair, Smoke chair, Butterfly stool, Rosy Angelis floor lamp…

Russel Hill Road by gh3, via 

Images courtesy © Ben Rahn

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11 thoughts on “sculpture house.

  1. poppytump

    Almost terrifyingly beautiful this space and design 🙂
    The last image somehow for me has echoes of Rene Magrittes’ painting
    ‘The Empire Of Lights’

    1. owls house london. Post author

      i agree, austere and beautiful and really rather daunting.. you’ve just introduced me to a new artwork; have looked up the magritte and i think it’s rather fabulous (i’m a big fan of his work, but wasn’t familiar with that one). so thank you! x

  2. Bill Dash

    Great to see iconic furniture pieces with (white) space around them to unfold into. Such a spare, clean house – living there I feel you have to always compose yourself, to fit into the picture.

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