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an enigmatic modernist.


A XI 2011

Crossing the boundary between photography, art and sculpture, German artist Christine Erhard’s work is familiar and ambiguous at the same time. The  architectural subject matter and modernist aesthetic seem familiar, until the unusual viewpoint and use of materials cause the imagery to appear distorted and other worldly.

Initially studying sculpture, Christine Erhard became increasingly interested in the images of the object, rather than the objects themselves, until photography and its ability to manipulate became her primary focus. She explores various movements within Modernism, with the avant-garde architecture of the Russian Constructivists a theme she returns to over and again.

Christine cites artists of the 1920s such as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy as her inspiration; artists who work in various disciplines – painting, poetry, graphic design, photography. Like Moholy-Nagy, there is a strong graphic quality to her work. For me, these works are both familiar and enigmatic, and very appealing.


AXX 2011


MI II 2012


QVIII  2012

More of Christine Erhard’s work, here. All images courtesy of the artist.

happy weekend.


Extraordinary, life-size skeletal rhino by Norfolk-based sculptor Rachael Long. Made from recycled and forged metal, the rhino is on show at Doddington Hall near Lincoln from 2nd August to 7th September 2014.

A rearing horse, an owl in flight, a lurcher, poised… More Rachael Long, here

Photo by owl’s house london using iPhone 5S.


sculpture house.

A double-height, fully glazed wall at the garden side of the house, extends the sense of the outdoors through to the interior. The interior of the building features three sculptural elements – a block of stone forming the central kitchen unit, a perfectly formed, curved stair, and a stone shelf and fireplace wall.

Interior finishes are kept simple – painted white or fabricated in super-hard white Corian, a man-made, solid-surface material composed of marble dust, bauxite, polyester resins and pigments. All floor surfaces, including the stairs are wood, stained almost black.


The furniture pieces are sculptural, classic, fabulous: Egg chair, Cherner chair, Smoke chair, Butterfly stool, Rosy Angelis floor lamp…

Russel Hill Road by gh3, via 

Images courtesy © Ben Rahn

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