happy weekend.


Candida Höfer Galleria degli Antichi Sabbioneta I 2010, Light Jet print, 180 x 221 cm


Candida Höfer Teatro Scientifico Bibiena Mantova I 2010, Light Jet print, 180 x 225 cm


Candida Höfer Teatro Olimpico Vicenza II 2010, Light Jet print, 180 x 235 cm

Höfer produces large-format photographs of interiors of palaces, opera houses and theatres, without digital enhancement or alteration, working only with the existing light source. The result is a ‘rare combination of intimacy and scale, in which intricate architectural detail is captured without sacrificing the sense of space and civilised order’. Just sublime.

A Return to Italy, Ben Brown Fine Art, London, until 12th April. More, here

More in the gallery, here

5 thoughts on “happy weekend.

  1. Lena

    You said it all above… nothing to add – thank you for sharing, it’s a wonderful post! Enjoy the (rest of the) weekend!

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