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slip house.

An apt successor to the concrete-and-pink gallery house of my previous post, Slip House comprises ‘a simple, sculptural form of three cantilevered boxes (or slipped) boxes’. The shifting planes break up the bulk of the building, adding to this sculptural quality. Largely constructed from glass, steel and concrete, these raw materials are evident inside and out. This is architecture in its raw form, designed by an architect as his own home. It was also an RIBA award winner –  best house in the UK for 2013. It is also nobly eco friendly, sustainable and energy efficient with triple glazing, solar panels and wildflower roofs all contributing to its performance.


The house is arranged over three floors with a large roof garden on top. Full-height glazing at either end together with an open plan layout (the perimeter walls carry the load) allow the light into the centre; necessary in an infill site with neighbouring terraces in close proximity. It has the requisite architectural details – shadow gap at the junctions between vertical and horizontal surfaces, and where elements of different materials conjoin. It is minimal in its use of materials and finishes, with an utterly retrained palette. 

Could you live here? It’s marvellously accomplished, but personally I find the purity a little relentless. I’m also not keen on the pinkish hue of the birch plywood, seen on much of the bespoke joinery, as it sits alongside the dull grey of the exposed concrete. I’d have to add some disharmony – lots of textures, some colour.

Slip House by Carl Turner Architects for sale, here. Photography: Tim Crocker

fab four: glass things.


fab four

1. Carat – wonderfully heavy, geometric, facet-cut glasses by Swedish vanguard, Orrefors

2. Perfectly monikered, Babushka by the Finland based glass designer Heikki Viinikainen launched at Milan Design Week 2013, via 

3. Amber, blue, smoke and green; Groove pendants designed by William Couig, NY based glass artist of Further Design, via The Modern Syberite

4. A simple, rotational form resembling a spinning top: Spin lights by Lucie Koldova for Lasvitvia

Which is your favorite? More fab four, here