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happy weekend.


Candida Höfer Galleria degli Antichi Sabbioneta I 2010, Light Jet print, 180 x 221 cm


Candida Höfer Teatro Scientifico Bibiena Mantova I 2010, Light Jet print, 180 x 225 cm


Candida Höfer Teatro Olimpico Vicenza II 2010, Light Jet print, 180 x 235 cm

Höfer produces large-format photographs of interiors of palaces, opera houses and theatres, without digital enhancement or alteration, working only with the existing light source. The result is a ‘rare combination of intimacy and scale, in which intricate architectural detail is captured without sacrificing the sense of space and civilised order’. Just sublime.

A Return to Italy, Ben Brown Fine Art, London, until 12th April. More, here

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holly frean.


Na Na Na Na Na, after Sir William Nicholson’s Portrait of Gertrude Jekyll of 1920, 2012

“Intimate in scale, richly coloured, playfully serious, seriously playful…”

Rather aptly named, Before and After is an exhibition of the work of Holly Frean at Rebecca  Hossack Gallery in London. Apt, because there is something reassuring and familiar about the contorted faces – these are paintings we have seen before. Their formats, too, are traditional – oval shaped, like portraiture of the past.

But these paintings are thoroughly modern. Layered thickly and jewel-coloured, they feel intimate, like they have been painted for you, the viewer. I want to peer into them rather than stand back from them. The wonderful titles just add to the playfulness…

cat womanmonaandy warhol

What do you think? Do you feel a sense of familiarity and fondness when you view these paintings? 

Before and After, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, until 19 January 2013.

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more black dahlia.

A follow up to my earlier post, black dahlia; Brown, Pink, White with Diamond is another work by the artist Lena Wolff. Lena explores abstract drawing, light sculptures and installations, and this piece shows clearly the geometries and iconic patterns derived from early American quilts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which inspire much of her work.

More about Lena Wolff can be found here.