catalan house.

In the ancient Catalan city of Girona is this apartment, in a building dating from the 16th century. The vernacular of exposed timber beams and rough stone walls is cleverly countered with the contemporary materials – black metal, wood veneer cabinetry stained black, rendered walls, solid timber floors. Openings and junctions are lined and restrained with black metal, horizontal surfaces are either recessed or allowed to float freely. Textures abound in the simple, raw palette of materials and neutral furniture.

And the good news? If you want to escape the sudden onslaught of fiercely cold weather in Northern Europe, it’s available to rent. There are two apartments, El Badiu (the gallery) and El Jardi (the garden), or it can be rented in its entirety.


Alemanys 5, Girona by architect Anna Noguera, via. Photographs, Anna Noguera

Are you ready for sunshine yet? I also love this property, Shelter7 in Ghent, also available to rent through travel site Welcome Beyond.

More wonderful spaces in sunny climes, here

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