I love this idea. A home exchange – you travel and stay in someone else’s house for free and they come and stay in yours – specifically for designers and visual artists. Behomm, which simply means to stay at home, is an invitation-only home exchange site for people with a love of aesthetics and travel. It’s not about luxury and wealth; rather, because of the like-mindedness of the home owners, the homes are going to be at the least, considered and aesthetically interesting, and at most, beautiful.  ‘It’s about sharing and making personal connections – a prime example of the enriching ‘shared economy’ movement growing across the globe…’ And a wonderful aside –  Behomm donates 5% of their proceeds to Architecture for Humanity, a charitable organisation that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crises.


Barcelona, Spain (architects)_120 m2_1Barcelona, Spain (architects)_120 m2_2-ohl.

Amsterdam_Architect;Graphic Designer-200m2-ohl.Calgary, Canada (Interior Designer)_3 © Lori AndrewsWisconsin_USA_Creative Directors

More wonderful spaces to stay, here

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