off to the beach.

elephant slide on owl's house london.

After a brief foray into Surrey (in the shadows of Box Hill, known notably for its role in Jane Austen’s Emma, as well as the Olympic cycling last year), we are off to the beach.

I wrote about the Modernist architect John Winter in an earlier post (here); the Beach House was designed by him for his own use, and it’s available to rent. This is where we shall be ensconced, a stone’s throw from the east Norfolk coast. It’s not the charming curvaceous beaches of Sicily’s east coast, or the expansive endless horizon of sand of Australia’s coast, but it has sand crabs at low tide, and starfish at high; and the only accoutrement required is a bucket and spade. Just perfect for a three-year-old. Happy summer!

Elephant Slide (Girona 1975) via

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