fab four: colour-dipped things.

fab four

Two years ago it looked like a trend. But here it is still. It’s been renamed for fashion, too – dégradé, or the modern dip-dye.

1. Konkret pendant light by Jonas Edvard. More, here 

2. Kebnekaise pouf from Story North.

3. Pulp pendant light from Folkore. More about Folklore on owl’s house london, here.

4.  Frost glass for Stelton.

And I love these (entirely dipped!) rooms:

dip rooms

(first image Pinterest, second image unknown)

What do you think of colour-dipped things? Would you have them in your home?

More fab four, here

7 thoughts on “fab four: colour-dipped things.

  1. Niki

    One of my friends has the Kebenekajsa (no idea how that mountain is spellt, sorry Swedes!) bean bag and it’s really cute. I love the look of the lamp in the third picture too – very cool!

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