the wonderful world of oliver jeffers.

If you haven’t read the stories of Oliver Jeffers then you should begin at once. He is a children’s book writer, and his stories are sweet, poignant and hilarious (my favourite, Stuck, is laugh-out-loud funny, and my three-year-old doesn’t mind it, either..). The illustrations are just beautiful, too – spare in detail, rich in context.

Now I have discovered (via the always wonderful French by Design blog), his dipped paintings. And now I’m crazy about them, too.

WITHOUT A DOUBT PART 2 (CUTOUT) LORESWITHOUT A DOUBT PART 1 LORESWithout a Doubt Part 3/Without a Doubt Part 2 (cutout)/Without a Doubt Part 1 all courtesy Oliver Jeffers studio

What do you think of these dipped paintings? More dipped things, here.

More in the gallery, here, and more fabulous children’s stories, here.

6 thoughts on “the wonderful world of oliver jeffers.

  1. Lena

    I actually came across his dipped paintings first and then found out he’s also a children’s book author. I have to find out if his stories were translated into german. His dipped paintings are genius – such a simple idea, and so strong!

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