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moroccan modern.

The villa is built from locally sourced Ouriko stone, its reddish color associated with nearby Marrakech, the ‘Ochre City’. Internally it is the rawness of the materials that create a wonderful, earthy quality. Raw, but utterly refined. The restraint continues in the palette of finishes. Each of the materials is kept in isolation, so that a bathroom is executed solely in black cement render, another in pale render, yet another in slabs of white marble – pure simplicity. And the detailing is exquisite – nothing is superfluous. A window frame fills the entire wall, its fine frame doing nothing to detract from the view beyond. The overall effect is of absolute calmness and serenity. I could move in tomorrow, what about you?


Beautifully shot images by Daniel Glasser and Philippe Garcia

Villa E, Studio KO, Morocco via