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happy weekend.


Of all the things to see at Tent London (and there is a lot to see..), my favourite was the porcelain ceramics of Korean collective SenaGu. Quirky and fun, in the manner of Fornasetti.

Other highlights are the beautifully crafted Design and Crafts Council of Ireland stand, with refined oak furniture and beautiful, subtle textiles. The Korean contribution Consistency and Change was an unexpected highlight, with traditional crafts utilised in contemporary ways, using paper, metal, bamboo, lacquer; everything a work of beauty.

Have you visited yet?

Tent London + Super Brands until 27 September 2015, part of London Design festival.

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happy weekend.


The Sun installation is a symbolic representation of the sun constantly changing from white to warm orange to burning red. The installation first travelled from Oslo to Tromsø in northern Norway, to light up the city in a period where it had no sunlight. It has now arrived in the UK to light up East London during London Design Festival (14-22 September) as part of the 100% Norway show at Tent London.


The Sun by Christine Istad and Lisa Pacini via WAN.

And don’t forget the moon, here