happy weekend.

Fred Ingrams2

Flowering Potatoes, Dairy Drove, Ten Mile Bank, Aug 2014
Acrylic on panel
116 x 123cms

Vanishing Lines is a current exhibition by the Norfolk-based artist (and friend) Fred Ingrams.

Painting en plein air, Fred captures the flat marshland typical of the region in vivid and dramatic colour.

Vanishing Lines, Art Bermondsey 183-185 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW
until Sunday 17th May 2015.

More images from the opening night on owl’s house london Instagram, here

11 thoughts on “happy weekend.

  1. artmoscow

    Very interesting work. I am sure your friend and Richard Diebenkorn (currently running at RA) would find a lot to discuss between each other, if the latter was still alive. Colours are, of course, tonally different, but…

      1. artmoscow

        The style of your friend? Tell me what you mean by this, please – but, frankly, I don’t feel confident forming opinion before I see the work live, because paint density, true colours, scale.. everything is important.

      2. owls house london. Post author

        you are right, of course, not to form an opinion from an image only, but it is hard not to! are you drawn to the saturated colour? the boldness of the style? i suppose one has an immediate response which will be confirmed or otherwise on further inspection. you talk a lot about response to art on your site, which i love reading, by the way. J

      3. artmoscow

        I am sorry I can’t reply properly in a tree form as the depth of discussion is probably limited in your settings )

        I’d prefer to write my answer in a letter, perhaps, for your eyes only as they say ) Can I have your e-mail address?

  2. poppytump

    Great share J . I’ve followed few links from your post here thank you ! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  3. secretgardenhome

    Shame I’ve missed this. Fred is certainly a very talented person. Love the colours of this painting, and it reminds me of the Polish countryside, for some reason. Feeling nostalgic.
    Best wishes Monx

    1. owls house london. Post author

      oh, how great that it’s reminiscent for you. i love how art can do that, and something quite different for each viewer. hope you had a super weekend. always good to hear from you :-). J X


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