a modernist in miniature.

What I like about this tiny, 40m2 Parisian apartment is that it is clean and contemporary and full of mid-century pieces but lacks any of the austerity that often comes with mid-century interiors. Bits of the original interior are evident – the timber floors, of course, and a deep door reveal that has been stripped of years of paint. In the kitchen the remnants of a doorway remain, given new life as a mirror frame, and corners of brickwork have been left exposed here and there. The changes of level and undulant cupboard depths all add to a feeling of space that belies the diminutive floor area. Materials and finishes are kept simple, with pattern and texture ensuring the overall feeling is relaxed and unpretentious.


40m2 apartment renovation by Charlotte Vauvillier via Plastolux

In the midst of my own home renovation, and thoroughly enjoying being able to choose my own finishes after years of doing it for other people… the only problem is, too much choice! I’m hoping to take photographs before and after and post them, if you would like to see..  Happy weekend.

8 thoughts on “a modernist in miniature.

  1. poppytump

    Oh but what a high stretch to those top cupboards 😉
    … and J … your house renovation project .. would LOVE to see !

  2. interiornovice

    I love this apartment, its a nice combination of sleek clean lines with rough texture. Those stripped doors and frames against a white backdrop are lovely. Great find. I can’t wait to see your own renovation Jane, but I already know it’s going to be beautiful. No pressure 😉 xD

    1. owls house london. Post author

      ha! thanks for the vote of confidence Doris 🙂 I’ve decided to not try and do it all up front but to move in and live with it a bit first; to get more of a sense of the spaces, so have taken some of my own pressure off… 🙂 x


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