butchers and bicycles.

First impressions are of an industrial and inviting creative space, all monochrome finishes and lush greens, regular, white tiled walls and poured concrete floors, dark stained wood, and functional furniture pieces.

Butchers&bicycles HQ_03-ohl.Butchers&bicycles HQ_09imagesb+b-ohl.

This showroom is home to a new venture and brand, Butchers & Bicycles. Based in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen – hence the name – three young design engineers have developed a new type of cargo bike, Mk1, where the cycling component is not compromised by the ‘cargo’ component. And it’s a beautiful piece of design. I’ve always loved the idea of a cargo bike but am terrified about using one in London, which has nothing of the bike-friendliness of other Northern European cities, like Amsterdam and Copenhagen. But living (as we soon will be) right next to the vast green of Hampstead Heath, it would be a fabulous way of getting the little one as well as the shopping from A to B. And for a bit more money, it even comes with an integrated electric motor… 


What do you think? Have you ever ridden a cargo bike? More, here. Photographs: Kristine Funch

More found objects, here

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