a modernist in berlin.

Part of the 1957 building exhibition in Berlin’s Tiergarten park, this Modernist glass atrium house was designed by Eduard Ludwig, an architect who studied briefly at the Bauhaus, and whose passion lay in the design of bungalow-style houses. He studied under Mies van der Rohe and the influence of modernist masterpiece the Barcelona Pavillion is evident here.

The simple lineality of the building is echoed internally with the floating linear kitchen cabinets, built-in, low-level storage lining the living area, and bathroom vanity in palest stone suspended against a full wall of mirror. Textured surfaces abound and are enhanced with splashes of intense colour in the palette of dark orange, black and off-white. Simple, classic furniture pieces like the shaker style chair (Hay do a simlar one, here) and brass domed kitchen pendant hold their own and yet perfectly compliment the space.

Atrium-House-in-Berlin-by-bfs-design-102214_03 0012214_12 0012215_11 0012215_02 001Atrium-House-in-Berlin-by-bfs-design-1

Beautifully restored by architectural firm bfs design: Atrium House by Eduard Ludwig via Daily Icon.

Photos: Annette Kisling

15 thoughts on “a modernist in berlin.

  1. gudyh

    The more you look at the pictures, the better you appreciate all details and the entire style. My very first impression was “too retro” for me but when scrolling down, it gets better and better and know I would live in this place:-)

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