a modern neo-classicist.

Set within a neoclassical building in Piraeus, Greece, the journey begins in the wonderful, tiled ground floor courtyard, previously a place for residents of old to meet and chat. Then on, up through original stonework and 19th century walls to the 1930s, and on to the contemporary new build extension and penthouse on the fourth floor.

The original staircase painted glossy black wends and winds its way through the spaces in dramatic fashion; elsewhere, white predominates as the background. Original tiles are maintained in the courtyard, new wood floors are laid in a herringbone pattern giving warmth and a contemporary flavour.  Original details are evident throughout. All existing interior walls have been demolished and replaced with sliding doors and walls for flexible living; the courtyard too has over-sized glazed doors emphasising the verticality of the space. Bold colours and contemporary furniture pieces chosen for their sculptural forms create a wonderful blend of old and new.

The-Grand-Dame-stella-konstantinidis-askarchitects-photo-Vangelis-Paterakis-yatzer-1The-Grand-Dame-stella-konstantinidis-askarchitects-photo-Vangelis-Paterakis-yatzer-19The-Grand-Dame-stella-konstantinidis-askarchitects-photo-Vangelis-Paterakis-yatzer-7The-Grand-Dame-stella-konstantinidis-askarchitects-photo-Vangelis-Paterakis-yatzer-10The-Grand-Dame-stella-konstantinidis-askarchitects-photo-Vangelis-Paterakis-yatzer-13The-Grand-Dame-stella-konstantinidis-askarchitects-photo-Vangelis-Paterakis-yatzer-12Grand Dame by ASKarchitects, Piraeus, Greece via

Photos: Vangelis Paterakis

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3 thoughts on “a modern neo-classicist.

  1. Doris

    I love the first image with the geometric pattern of the chairs against that check floor, in fact I love all the floors in this house. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. xD

    1. owls house london. Post author

      i also love the strong geometry of the furniture, and those floors… each is evocative of its era, which is nice! there’s a traditional mosaic floor too, which i’ve not shown.


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