house of stone and wood.

Undeniably rustic, this house exudes warmth and a lack of pretension. However, it is also contemporary, open plan and airy. The beauty lies in its simplicity – poured concrete floors, rough stone walls given refinement with bands of brickwork, large sections of ply lining the ceiling. I love the tactile quality of the materials, and also the honesty – materials are left in their natural state.

The detailing is kept simple too – a massive window frame is brought to rest at the wall and ceiling, without being cut in or forced into a recess. There are no skirtings, or mouldings, or other extraneous elements. There is an integrity to this approach, with every element and material given its due. The roof over-sails to form another room outside, with the minimal intervention of the glazed wall to keep the elements at bay.

The furniture is a wonderful mis-match of reclaimed and industrial pieces – free-standing floor lamps and industrial pendants, a metal desk and chair, a wood-topped dining table.


House in Lot-et-Garonne region, France, via French by Design.

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