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the abc of architects.

This charming infographic slideshow reels off an architect of note for every letter of the alphabet with a 2-D animation of their most notable project. All done in the style of a 1930s projector video replete with old-fashioned scratches and whimsical instrumental music.

The ‘ABC of Architects’ by Colombian graphic designer and visual artist Federico Gonzalez and Andrea Stinga runs from Alvar Aalto to Zaha Hadid, even managing to fill the letter X – Iannis Xenakis….


A little investigation uncovered this unfamiliar architect, a protege of Le Corbusier, who was entrusted with the project management of the Philips Pavilion, Expo ‘58 in Brussels (Le Corbusier was busy with the planning of Chandigarh). The pavilion is a cluster of nine hyperbolic paraboloids, composed asymmetrically and constructed out of prestressed concrete. Et voila!

The ABC of Architects, via Designboom

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