simplicity – the ultimate sophistication: an apartment in rome.

This apartment in Rome starts with strong architectural features – an intricate parquet floor, high ceilings and elegantly arched windows, framing a view towards the dome of St Peters. Because that is enough, the rest is kept simple. The arches are echoed internally, but also countered, by unembellished, rectangular openings.

The palette is calm, with pale colours allowing  the light to bounce and play. Then come the details, which transform the apartment into a sophisticated, refined space. In the kitchen, an island bench in bronze contrasts with a grey-veined, white marble top; the materials mitred at the edges as if they were cast as one piece.

One of my favourite of stones, travertine, is used to clad the bathroom walls, with a mirror set flush with the surface, and washbasin formed out of stone. And the floor to ceiling joinery is adorned with nothing but linear, bronze inlay door handles.


Casa_Roma_022-1471x1080Casa_Roma_0252-749x1080casa-roma_ohlCasa_Roma_0122-749x1080I love the simplicity, what about you?
Apartment in Rome by Quincoces-Dragò & Partners. Photography, Alberto Strada

via est magazine


6 thoughts on “simplicity – the ultimate sophistication: an apartment in rome.

  1. poppytump

    Yes I do J – and more and more as time goes by 🙂
    I love the pared down bathroom that still maintains a ‘stone warmth’ within .


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