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happy (easter) weekend.


private moon in kaohsiung, taiwan – tianliao
photo © po-I chen


‘under broken bridge’ in kaohsiung, taiwan
photo © po-I chen


‘at the straw store’ in kaohsiung, taiwan
photo © po-I chen

Avant-garde artist Leonid Tishkov has been travelling around the world with his mobile art installation ‘private moon’. The project captures a series of photographs of himself with a large illuminated crescent moon, taken at various locations across China, New Zealand, Taiwan, the Arctic and France.

Via designboom; more, here

happy weekend.


Ninety meters high, the inflatable, 5 ton form fills the interior of a former gas tank, amplifying the ethereal quality of the space with diffused light.

Big Air Package by Christo. Gasometer Oberhausen, Germany, now through 30 December 2013