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owl’s house mood.

My desire to inspire, create, teach and learn, all of which are culminating in this blog, has led me to undertake an on-line blogging course, led by the uber-experienced and talented Holly Becker of Decor8 (here). The course is full of inspiring ideas and skills, which up until now were the domain of people who did that kind of stuff.. Little by little that person is becoming me.

The mood board I have created is the look of things to come. Called ‘modernism, minimalism, tones and texture, objet trouve and beauty found all around’, owl’s house is a design sourcebook, a harbinger of all things wonderful. Interior spaces. Materials and finishes. New products and old ones revisited. Design heros. Local influences and ones from further afield. And, perhaps most importantly, musings to ponder on what makes good design. I hope you will join me!

owl’s house london.

‘And if anyone knows anything about anything’, said Bear to himself, ‘it’s Owl who knows something about something’ he said, ‘or my name’s not Winnie-the-Pooh’, he said. ‘Which it is..’

The name came first. Then, happening upon the wonderous Places and Spaces store at design junction in London last month, owl was discovered.  The appellation behind my blog. Wise old owl now sits high up (out of Henry’s grasp), master of all he surveys.

London was added later to the title, as it is where I draw much of my inspiration. London, with a European flavour, perhaps, in particular Scandinavia. A design sourcebook from London with a European sensibility.

image by owlshouse.